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It was a pleasure having Anthony as a memorable student in his first semester in Type One, and watching his work mature. He was enthusiastic and diligent from the beginning - intellectually curious and genuinely interested in his craft. He is independent and self motivated and his amiable personality will also serve him well on team projects.
— Diane Zatz, Educator

Anthony was a student of mine at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. He and I also worked as mentor and mentee through the AIGA Philly Mentorship program. We continue to stay in touch and I admire his work and aesthetic. He has a strong work ethic and is always open to new opportunities, such as the Uncontainable Project.

Anthony was a strong student and has always been a true professional. He is always pushing himself to learn more about his field and find new inspiration, he is not satisfied with “good enough”. Anthony is skilled in many software programs and areas of graphic design, including web, interaction and motion graphics. His work explores the link between the past and present, creating modern designs inspired by graphic design and art history.

Anthony is a pleasure to work with. He is a great communicator and has strong organizational, management and soft skills. I would recommend him highly to any client or design group.
— Christine Shanks, Mentor

I am strongly recommending Anthony Reto as a future employee. I had the pleasure of supervising Anthony this fall (2015) as he worked as a design intern at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative where he effortlessly acclimated to working in a collaborative group setting.

From the beginning, Anthony not only impressed our team with his desire to learn, but also with his strong design skills, punctuality, attention to detail, and his ability to work independently. From conception to execution, Anthony utilized his great skill set to assist the team at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative with various design related tasks.

Anthony’s willingness to help and enjoyable personality made him an absolute pleasure to have in the office. I couldn’t give him a stronger recommendation, and I hope that you provide him with the opportunity to make your company as happy as he made the team at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative.
— Nikolas Greenblatt, Founder [ 2 one 5 ] Creative

Anthony is a focused, determined, task oriented multi- who is a very hard worker and team player. He is a very talented graphic designer and one of the best bartenders in the city! He has worked for us at M Restaurant at The Morris House for many, many years and has helped launch our brand and our famous garden to glass cocktails, incorporating delicious summer herbs, grown right in our restaurant garden, into our phenomenal summer cocktails! He also helped launch the best gin and tonic bar in center city with our custom tonics and our “build your own drink”. Anthony’s talents are endless and we are honored to have him on board at M Restaurant in center city.
— Deborah Lefevre, Owner of M Restaurant and The Morris House Hotel

Anthony was recommended to my business partner and I after going through countless graphic designers that did not really deliver our brand message and theme. From the initial meeting with Anthony, our theme and message was delivered in just a few sketches. By our second meeting he presented us with many quality and unique designs that we could tell took him great time and creative skills! Not only did Anthony deliver our message and create the helping foundation of our brand, but he also brought fresh ideas and concepts to the table. My partner and I were so pleased with Anthony’s designs and business, we will be going back to get creative business cards made. If you’re looking for a great graphic designer to articulate your vision through design, Anthony is the one to go to!
— Camille Bell, CEO, PoundCake Cosmetics

Anthony is amazing at what he does ! A talented and organized professional that is always looking to exceed client expectations ! It’s a pleasure to know such a talented individual who excels at what he does. Pleasant, artistically talented, affable, courteous and results driven are just a few words I would use to described Anthony. GOLD STAR !
— Tommy Berner, Business Deveopment, TD Bank